Exciting Results for Southern Sand Athletes at National Beach Tournaments

Teams at USAV Beach Nationals in Milwaukee, WI

The weekend of July 25-27 2014 saw some of our best athletes getting it done at the USAV Beach Nationals in Milwaukee, and AAU Beach Nationals at Hermosa Beach, CA with some of the best finishes for our teams against very tough competition at the open level (earned a bid through a qualifier):

USAV Beach Nationals:

  • Kylie Grandy/Genna Simpkins* – 1st in 16U Open – NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!!!
  • Kimberly Hovey/Katie McCullough – 3rd in 18U Open.
  • Raquel Rooney/Tiana Butler – 9th in 16U Open
  • Hailey Brooke McFadden/Shelby Raymond just missed getting to the gold bracket in 18U Open, getting to the 2nd round of the Silver bracket.
  • Lauren Durham/Kendall Yount – 2nd in 18U Bronze bracket.
  • Kara Adams/Sarah Montross -2nd round of Flight 1 in 14U Open.

AAU Beach Nationals:

  • Ashley Muench**/Mary Scott*** – 5th in 18U Gold bracket
  • Brynn Carrick/Sydney Rowan – quarterfinalists in 16U Challenge bracket.

As a side story to Kylie/Genna’s incredible achievement, what happened during their semi-final match is worth noting. During the 2nd set, their opponent must have summoned the gods to somehow stop their incredible run. Play continued through 30 mph winds, with nets flying and sand spraying. However, even that wasn’t enough to put a stop to their run into the finals. By the time the finals match was to be played the sun was shining and Kylie and Genna proceeded to complete the tournament with an exclamation point, and a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

Congratulations to all the teams and their parents for all their support. For our next season of Southern Sand Volleyball we are already making plans to give even more high level training and competition opportunities toward even more success!!! Stay tuned as we will be announcing some plans in August.


*Genna Simpkins trained with Blue Sky in 2014

**Ashley Muench trained with both Southern Sand and Piedmont Beach Volleyball Club in 2014

***Mary Scott trained with Piedmont Beach Volleyball Club in 2014