Looking for some sand volleyball fun while also getting in some competition and exercise? Join us for one of the Southern Sand Volleyball Adult Leagues at our facility in Apex!

Anticipated 2018 Seasons: Each season is approximately 7 weeks long with an assortment of prizes for top teams in each league at the end of each season. 

  • Early Spring: March 11-April 29 – REGISTRATION NOW OPEN – CLICK HERE
  • Late Spring: May 6-June 28
  • Summer: July 9-August 26 
  • Early Fall: September 4-October 23
  • Late Fall: October 28-December 9 (just late Sunday afternoons)


Who? Open to any adult 18 years or older and teams that feature an adult playing with a junior at the discretion of the adult.

Need a partner or team? Check out the free-agent list for others in a similar situation or this google doc which shows players specifically inquiring about the upcoming season. If nothing pans out there, email Mark.

Formats Offered for Upcoming Season: Note: Multiple levels of play potential subject to registrations and preferences listed as part of registration.

Doubles (2 person teams) – Men’s, Women’s, Coed

Quads (4 person teams) – Coed

King or Queen of the Beach – Individual sign-up


Day/Time Offerings for Upcoming Season (Will vary from season to season subject to interest. Click on a league’s registration page above for details).

Day Approximate Times
Sunday afternoons 4:00-6:30PM
Monday evenings 6:30-9:00PM
Tuesday evenings 7-9:30PM
Wednesday evenings 6:30-9:00PM
Thursday evenings 7-9:30PM


  • Regular Registration Fee (Register during the first 7 days of the open registration period)
    • King/Queen of the Beach – $40
    • 2 person – $80 ($60 – Late Fall League Discount)
    • 4 person – $160
  • Late Registration Fee (Register after the first 7 days of the open registration period)
    • King/Queen of the Beach – $45
    • 2 person – $90 ($70 – Late Fall League Discount)
    • 4 person – $180


Additional Notes:

  • Flexible League Day/Night Assignments: We understand most people’s schedules are pretty hectic and everyone seemingly has different availability. In an effort to help ensure the most people get to participate in a league on a day they can make, we offer a very flexible registration process. Pick the night(s) and format(s) you and your teammates can make by filling out our upcoming season’s registration pages. We will then do our best to meet the requests of interested teams as long as we can get to a minimum of 5 teams/players for a given league. If we cannot honor your requests, then we will offer as a last option a King or Queen of the Beach league for players that are interested in 2 person league or try to form team(s) from available players who aren’t on a full team. If all options have been exhausted, then we will refund the paid registration fee.
  • Challenge Ladder System of Play vs. Round-Robin Play: Depending on registration numbers and registrant input, some leagues may be structured in a challenge ladder system where teams are re-seeded every week based on previous weeks’ results using win/loss record and point differentials, and then sub-grouped so that teams that are closely seeded to each other play each other. This gives teams the best opportunity to play evenly matched competition from week to week, which is what most everyone wants anyways. It also minimizes the problems with teams not necessarily playing in the right division for a league based on skill level compared to who else registered and/or leagues combining. Just sign-up for the league format on the night that works for you or your team!
  • VolleyAmerica membership: As an extra insurance coverage, we strongly advise primary participants in all 2 person league teams become VolleyAmerica members. It’s only $15/person and covers a year from date of purchase. Plus it’s needed to participate in most adult tournaments hosted by Southern Sand and others in and around NC anyways. Click here to join VolleyAmerica. It’s very simple to do. In the event a league team needs to recruit sub(s) last minute to avoid forfeitures, those subs can be added, but will be required to sign a waiver release form onsite prior to participating. A portion of league registration fees will go towards covering insurance for these sub situations in an effort to offer flexibility and ease with utilizing subs, which minimizes forfeitures. The 4 person leagues utilize team registration fees to cover the insurance.
  • Not finding the league format/day you’re looking for? Let’s hear from you. Send an email. With enough interest, we’ll consider almost anything.
  • Refunds Issued If League Minimums are Not Met: The goal here is to provide quality leagues for interested sand players. If you’re concerned about how many teams might ultimately sign-up, etc. there is no need to worry as we will issue a refund if a minimum number of teams (5) is not met. We encourage teams to sign-up sooner vs. later. In addition to getting the best registration rate, this also encourages other teams to sign-up, which ends up helping everyone out.
  • King/Queen of the Beach format is individual sign-up where players switch partners between games. All other leagues are team sign-up.



  • USA Beach Volleyball  rules are used with any rule modifications listed below mostly in an effort to keep play within the allotted time frame.
  • If a team has a player under 18 years of age, it is ultimately up to the team signing-up to decide whether that player participates.
  • Teams play 2-3 other teams each week with each contest consisting of 2-3 games to 21 (each game counts as a win/loss)
  • Games are win by 2. However, games to 21 have a cap at 25 with games to 15 having a cap at 17. (subject to change at supervisor’s discretion)
  • Subs can be added to a team at anytime as long as they are not a regular player for another team in the same league already.
  • To maximize play time, all games are self-reffed. Call your own faults and call out the score prior to each serve!
  • Switching sides every 7 points (games to 21) or 5 points (games to 15) is at the discretion of the teams and not mandatory. If there is a disagreement between teams over whether to switch or not, then teams should switch sides.
  • 1 timeout per team per game
  • Touching the net with any body part during play is not allowed.
  • Hand setting is permitted as long as it’s clean (more than 2 rotations of the ball is considered a double in competitive play). Hand setting over the net is not encouraged but technically allowed if clean and person is square to direction of ball per USAV rules. Hand setting on serve-receive is not allowed to avoid subjectivity of call on whether it is clean or not.  It is up to the teams playing each other to decide prior to a game how tight they want to call the sets.
  • Rules for Doubles (2 person) Divisions
    • Substitutions are not allowed during matches
    • Open hand tipping is not permitted
    • The block DOES count as a contact.
    • Any sets over the net must be perpendicular to the player’s shoulders
  • Rules for Triples (3 person) and Quads (4 person) Divisions
    • Substitutions of players between points or games is allowed
    • At least 1 woman must be playing at all times.
    • Open hand tipping is not permitted
    • The block DOES count as a contact.
    • Players are not required to rotate positions but must keep the same service order during a game.
  • Rules for Sixes (6 person) Divisions
    • Substitutions of players between points or games is allowed
    • Coed 6 person teams must have at least 2 women playing at all times.
    • Open hand tipping is permitted
    • The block DOES NOT count as a contact.
    • Players must rotate positions whenever a new server is about to serve on the team.
  • Prizes are given to the top team in each league at the end of the regular season. If there is a tie, the tie-breaker procedure looks at head-to-heads, then sets won/loss and then finally point differentials until the tie is broken. Prizes may include outdoor volleyballs, free registration for a future league, or items provided by sponsors.
  • If scheduling permits, a season-ending mini-tournament is held on the last week of the season. Depending on size of field, the field may be divided into separate tournaments. Southern Sand Volleyball t-shirts are provided to winners of league tournaments.
  • A league waiver form signed by all members on the team will be due during the first week of the season.
  • Forfeiture notices should be given by the night before the league night. Send an email to info@southernsandvolleyball.org.
  • Tardiness: A team that is more than 10 minutes late for a match forfeits their first set. A team that is more than 20 minutes late forfeits the entire match.
  • WEATHER POLICY: Play is rain or shine unless it’s storming or we’ve experienced/are experiencing heavy rain for extended periods of time. If we cancel league play, the ‘Upcoming Events’ section on the homepage will be updated as soon as possible but by 2 hrs before start of league on the day of league play.



Current Season League Standings

 Note: Results updated within 72 hours of a league’s weekly match play.

Sundays – Coed 2s (Schedule) – Start 10/29

Pos   Team Pld W L SetsBallpoints Pts Last 5
1 Lysik 30 25 5 25 - 5620 - 383 25       
2 Whats the Score 30 22 8 22 - 8597 - 443 22       
3 Good Volley Miss Molly 30 19 11 19 - 11489 - 473 19       
4 Moore 30 17 13 17 - 13484 - 519 17       
5 Cocks/Hendryx 30 12 18 12 - 18514 - 504 12       
6 Roosters 30 12 18 12 - 18485 - 534 12       
7 Super Subs 30 7 23 7 - 23404 - 533 7       
8 Waggoner/Keller 30 6 24 6 - 24378 - 582 6       




Sundays – Queen of the Beach (Schedule) – Start 10/29

Pos   Team Pld SetsBallpoints Pts Last 5
1 Emily Horton 18 13 - 5287 - 243 0  
2 Stephanie Wahler 18 9 - 9252 - 278 0  
3 Olivia Subik 18 7 - 11262 - 268 0  
4 Anne Roberts 18 7 - 11259 - 271 0  


Sundays – King of the Beach (Schedule) – Start 10/29

Pos   Team Pld SetsBallpoints Pts Last 5
1 Russ Zacek 26 21 - 5465 - 340 6  
2 Mark Nalevanko 20 11 - 9323 - 285 2  
3 Brian McKay 14 8 - 6200 - 187 0  
3 Nick King 20 9 - 11290 - 313 0  
5 Kevin Espinoza 12 5 - 7194 - 222 2  
6 Bryan Bordeaux 20 2 - 18234 - 359 2