Conditioning/Jump Program

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Southern Sand Volleyball (SSV) offers a conditioning and jump program for juniors who are interested in increasing their overall conditioning and fitness level, foot speed, agility, vertical jump, whole body strength, endurance, and explosiveness.

This program has been BUILT INTO OUR BEACH CLUB PROGRAM, due to the importance for it to our club athletes. We do offer the opportunity for juniors outside the club to participate (the options are listed below). For more info contact John.


Sundays – 3-4PM

Tuesdays – 4:30-5:15PM

Thursday – 4:30-5:15PM

The program will incorporate all of the following:

  • plyometrics
  • resistance training
  • body weight exercises
  • cardiovascular training
  • development of fast twitch muscles
  • lower/upper body stability and core work
  • flexibility work

Plyometrics train your muscles to stretch and then contract eccentrically, which leads to building explosive power.  Strength training increases the power of the athlete’s leg and core muscles necessary to propel your body upward.  Upper body strengthening also focuses on shoulder health and stability along with power. During the training sessions, coaches will focus on proper technique/explosiveness in the drills, and provide alternate exercises for athletes who are injured or don’t have the strength to perform the exercises with proper form.  The same tests as utilized by the USA Beach High Performance (HP) program will be incorporated to measure improvement of each athlete.

Conditioning in the sand has been known to be an excellent way to challenge the body while being less stressful on the joints compared to other surfaces.

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These programs will be led by Lisa Lysik, Kaylie Gibson, and Christin Heverly.

Lisa Lysik is a practicing Occupational Therapist, and her experience includes:

  • BS in Occupational Therapy
  • Currently is an orthopedic specialist at WakeMed Physician Practices Physical Therapy.
  • Specializes in upper extremity rehab and strengthening, and total body conditioning.

Kaylie Gibson was a libero at UNC-Chapel Hill and her experience includes:

  • BA in Exercise Science
  • ACSM Certified Personal Trainer for the past year
  • In the process of becoming a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA

Christin Heverly was a defensive specialist at UNC-Greensboro and her experience includes:

  • BS in Exercise and Sport Science.
  • BS in Nursing
  • AFPA Certified Personal Trainer for the past 5 years
  • In the process of becoming a level 1 certified CrossFit coach.