We want to express our sincere appreciation to those that have taken the time to submit feedback and testimonials about Southern Sand Volleyball and its programs.  It really means a lot. If desiring to submit a testimonial of your own, send an email to info@southernsandvolleyball.org . Thank you!

Some of the recent submissions that have come in…..

Our family wanted to say thank you so much for the Wonderful year you have given our daughter. Your support, coaching and understanding have been nothing but OUTSTANDING! We had a great time working with and getting to know your club, coaches, athletes, and parents, the only thing better would have been to make the move sooner. Our daughter learned and grew so much in a short time with your support and coaching. We hope that things will continue to grow and prosper well for all of you and the club, we will certainly be watching and following as best as we can. Again, THE BEST CLUB WE HAVE HAD THE PLEASURE TO BE A PART OF!

From Kim

I cannot thank you enough for providing a partner for my daughter at a recent tournament. The SSV club member you partnered her with was extremely welcoming. It was also great to see the SSV players take my daughter in as one of their own and cheered for her during the competition. From a parent’s perspective, I could not have asked for anything more. You have a great club as well as a great set of girls playing there.

From Darrin H (Texas)

We have been part of many different clubs, LAX, Soccer, indoor VB clubs etc . SSVA is bar none the best run, most dedicated and professional group of people. Mostly in part, because you are excellent communicators, and your enthusiasm to see each player do their best speaks volumes about your integrity. Thank you!

From Emily S.

Thank you for hosting a wonderfully coordinated tournament this past weekend. It was certainly not easy with the amount of entries, timings and weather.

In my opinion it was done very well. I also spoke to quite a few parents and they all said the same thing. They commended SSVA for being able to have a facility like this and host teams from near and far.

I know it will only get better and I am glad that Rhea is a part of it from an early age.

From Ram

Thanks for all the hard work, great organization, and communication for the leagues. We appreciate the chance to play women’s sand!

From Liz

Southern Sand has changed how we view sand volleyball. My girls were indoor players who played the summer Carolina region beach tour, so initially Southern Sand was this great new facility for those tournaments. We started doing jump training and the girls loved the workout. Lauren joined the top performers training and kept getting better and better.

She dreamed of playing sand volleyball in college and started contacting some coaches. When a couple of coaches showed some interest, John was really helpful in guiding us through the recruiting process and advocating for Lauren. Now through hard work, a little luck, and a lot of support from everyone at Southern Sand she has achieved her dream, and will be playing D1 sand volleyball at Stetson next year. We look forward to many more years of training, tournaments and pickup play at Southern Sand.

From Brian

This Spring I started training with John Lysik at Southern Sand because I knew I wanted to focus solely on beach volleyball.  His enthusiasm for the game is unmatched by any coach I have ever had.  His level of energy and his knowledge of the game push his athletes to get the best out of their training.  He is great at teaching skills and tactics and helps his players learn how to strategize and think for themselves on the court to be able to make decisions under pressure.  John is by far the best coach I have ever had.  He was also helpful during my recruiting process that led to my verbal commitment to Division I Stetson University at 15 years old.  The facilities at Southern Sand are so nice and John and Mark have worked very hard to plan an exciting and comprehensive year-round training program that will be top-notch.  I am so thankful that God blessed me with the wonderful opportunity to train with John and play for Southern Sand and look forward to the journey ahead.”

From Brynn

Just wanted to say thanks again for another great tournament!  We really enjoyed the weekend (minus the cold weather).  Hope to see you again soon!

From Dana and Brook (FL)

In reflection of the sports and activities that  my daughter has participated in during the middle school and high school years,  I can decisively say that the time she has spent playing sand volleyball has been some of the best experience for her and for our family.  The sport was just getting some traction in her middle school years and she participated in the local and regional tournaments. As interest and momentum increased so did her participation.  Finding partners, training and playing increased her game skills but more importantly helped develop her life and leadership skills. She has recently assisted in starting a sand club at her high school.   Having a venue to play outside while most of her time was spent playing indoors was an added benefit.  I noticed a different level of enjoyment of the sport due to playing outside and a freedom to enjoy her friends that played at different schools and indoor clubs. The greatest benefit of playing sand was the reduction of sport related injury.  My daughter experienced several set backs due to injuries that occurred while playing indoors. Having the opportunity to continue to play and not have to worry about additional injuries was a big part of why she stayed with the sport. We are so appreciative of what Mark and John have done for the sport in this area, and what has resulted from the creation of Southern Sand Volleyball. With the growth of the sport and more opportunities to train and play I  encourage  parents to seriously consider sand volleyball as a great option for their children. My daughter has developed a skill that she can enjoy for life!

From Patty